Qualified Security Guard Services For Welland Ontario

Qualified Security Personnel

Lyndon Security remains consistent in optimizing Qualified Security Guard services for Welland Ontario.

Minimizing risk in today’s environment is essential for company operations to run smoothly. Nowhere is this more evident than in the industry sector where unique security standards and responsibilities are required. To meet these demands, all employees of Lyndon qualified Security Guard services for Welland Ontario are screened and participate in a comprehensive interview process. References are checked thoroughly to ensure applicants meet the client’s standards. An Ontario Provincial Police background check is mandatory before a Guard becomes licensed. Clients have the option of participating in the development of recruitment standards for Guards assigned to their location. In the case of vacations or illness, only qualified, site-trained back up security Guards are used as replacements.

Security Guard Basic Training

The training curriculum is based on the Ontario guidelines and provides a comprehensive program that prepares employees to create safe, secure environments while effectively serving employers, clients and the public. This course includes an Introduction to the Security Industry, and covers The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct, Basic Security Procedures, Report Writing, Health and Safety, Emergency Response Preparation, Canadian Legal Aspects, Legal Authorities, Effective Communication, Sensitivity Training, and Use of Force Theory.


To promote efficiency, accountability and accuracy we have adopted technology as well as participate in clients systems to streamline business processes, facilitate operations and become a business partner you can depend on. This commitment ensures quality, accuracy and completeness in how we conduct our business and monitor the security standards and prerequisites set for Qualified Security Guard services for Welland Ontario.

It is essential that we provide our existing staff with a wide range of training options so they are well prepared for the Ministry testing. Providing a comprehensive training curriculum is in our arsenal of training tools. In the past, we have had high success using a blended approach to learning and it is even mandated for certain work-sites to ensure contract compliance. It is great to utilize a curriculum standard that has been created by both security industry and education experts in Ontario.

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