London Ontario Mobile Security Personnel

Serving Our Clients

With over 40 years of providing security services we have developed a loyal, diversified client base. Our London Ontario Mobile Security Personnel services not only encompass large, multi-national corporations with sophisticated manufacturing operations and permanent security needs, but local commercial operations where the security requirements are either part-time or temporary. We understand that each company has unique, individual needs, and we offer the flexibility of our services based on the specific requirements of each client.

Best Practice

We are extremely proud of the client base we serve and the long-standing relationships we have built. In many cases, we have had the privilege of providing service for over 25 years. Regardless of the size of client, scope of work, or duration of service provided, we constantly strive to provide a level of service to clients defined as ‘best practice’.


A wide diversification of clients involves customized services specifically tailored to their particular needs. Our personnel are trained to support the customer in a wide range of procedures, and are available for permanent patrol routes or temporary coverage. Our London Ontario Mobile Security Personnel services include:

  • Performing set patrols or random patrols
  • Professional response to emergencies
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Foot patrols
  • Lock checks
  • Parking lot checks
  • Interior and exterior checks
  • Conducting safety and fire watches
  • Serving as standby for water leaks, power outages
  • Special coverage

Our London Ontario Mobile Security Personnel fleet is highly visible and fully equipped to visit and inspect your properties at agreed times and physically patrol and check for damage, or intrusion, or to lock or unlock your premises.

Integrity, Service, Professionalism, is our policy. Let us help you protect your most valuable assets. Call Lyndon Security Services today for more information.

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