Lyndon Security Guard & Patrol Services Southwestern Ontario

Goal of the Team

The Goal of the committee is to guide the wellness efforts within Lyndon Security by developing and promoting a comprehensive workplace health program to help participants achieve their goal in a safe environment. Lyndon’s Wellness Program promotes physical, mental health and healthy lifestyles for all employees.

Objectives of the Team

Collectively develop a Work Plan with a focus on implementing healthy living activies, programs, stategies and promotional material for workplace health benefiting individuals, co-workers / families and Lyndon Security.

Members will strive to represent peers and co-workers by sharing ideas, needs, concerns and feedback from work areas about proposed Health & Wellness programs. Be a voice of support for a culture of health, carrying the message from the Health & Wellness committee to work areas and colleagues. On a biennial basis, employees voluntarily complete a health & wellness survey.  Results of the survey are reviewed and objectives are set.


Membership of the committee is representative of the employee base of Lyndon Security. The committee ensures all groups are fairly represented. Participation on the committee is voluntary; members will be recognized by Lyndon Security.


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